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Microneedling, is it disfigurement or beauty?

Classification : Company newsrelease time : 2022-06-30

          Microneedling is to use the skin's self-healing principle to induce skin repair after artificially inflicting damage to the skin, generating new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, increasing the thickness of the dermis.

          Who is suitable for microneedling?


          Micro-needling is not recommended for normal skin, but for people with acne pits and scars, micro-needling is indeed a good news.


          The principle of fractional laser is similar to that of microneedle. It damages the dermis and allows the skin to repair. However, the recovery of microneedle is faster than that of laser. Moreover, microneedling is a physical injury, and it will not cause erythema or pigmentation as a side effect when improperly operated like a laser.


          The following pictures are some of the improvement effects of micro-acupuncture on scars


          The introduction of microneedles


          The main function of the skin is barrier and defense, preventing microorganisms and chemical components on the skin surface from entering the skin and causing irritation.


          Some "effective" ingredients, such as collagen, enzymes, epidermal cell growth factor, etc., are not easily absorbed by the skin due to their large molecular weight.


          Then, some people have a whim, if these holes are made by microneedling, can these functional ingredients be brought into the skin to play a role smoothly?


          Do not! This can easily lead to skin infections. Hyaluronic acid is currently the safest injection into the skin.


          Micro-needling uses the skin's ability to repair itself, not to inject any functional ingredients into the skin

          Microneedling causes skin damage, and there must be side effects, such as


          Itchy skin, erythema, pain, burning sensation, edema, bleeding, crusting


          These trauma symptoms will heal over a period of time (7-10 days), and rarely produce grains of rice or new acne.


          In general, microneedling, as a physical damage to the skin, generally does not destroy the integrity of the epidermis and does not bring obvious side effects.


          The therapist will first apply anesthesia to you. After the anesthetic takes effect, the skin will be carefully disinfected, and then the appropriate depth will be selected for treatment according to the specific condition of your skin. A mask specially formulated by Zhang Clinic to reduce redness and discomfort after treatment.

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